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Lebanese cuisine course

The Lebanese Cuisine is considered to be one of the tastiest worldwide, and is enjoying increasing popularity in Europe. It is served in all top hotels and restaurants throughout the Middle East, where authentic Lebanese Chefs, graduates of the "Lebanese Catering College" of Beirut, are in charge.

Libanon Vakanties now offers a Lebanese Cuisine cookery course. Participants will learn how to prepare real Lebanese Cuisine dishes. During a 3 to 4-hour session a fully qualified Chef will teach small groups all about ingredients, spices and herbs, nowadays available anywhere. Course members will work along with the Chef as he demonstrates the proper preparation techniques.

The menu will consist of a selection from the following authentic dishes.


· Tabbouleh: a salad of fresh parsley, mint, tomatoes, etc..
· Rucola salad with fresh thyme
· Salads of lentils and of beans
· Fattoush: a mixed salad with croûtons of Arabic bread
· "Monk's Salad"


· Baba ghanoush: roasted aubergine with sesame paste, lemon, etc..
· Hommos: chick peas with tahine, garlic and lemon
· Stuffed vine leaves
· Sambousek and Fatayer: pastries filled with spicy meat, cheese or spinach
· Kibbeh: minced lamb stuffed with pine kernels, onions, etc..

Main Courses:

· Fish casserole with rice
· Grilled kafta: lamb, spices and parsley
· Chicken kebab with garlic sauce
· Oriental stuffed chicken
· Stuffed courgettes in yoghurt sauce

A variety of delicious Lebanese deserts

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